Innovative Sensors for Water Quality Monitoring

Innovative sensor for water quality control

Secure your water quality monitoring system with DIAMSENS' electrochemical sensors, designed for ultimate robustness and longevity.

Leveraging over 10 years of research, and with the support of CEA’s internal incubation program, DIAMSENS was established in April 2022 to industrialize and further develop a new range of electrochemical sensors harnessing the unique properties of diamond.

Diamonds for good quality waters

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Electrochemical Sensor Based on Diamond
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sensors that can endure harsh conditions for a long time, and keep their initial accuracy

Even when permanently submerged, diamonds do not age and keep all their characteristics intact. Our sensors eliminate any type of fouling that may accumulate on surfaces in contact with water through a patented electrical treatment. As a result, the sensor remains “as new”, and the measurement accuracy does not drift. The user saves time on sensor cleaning and recalibration and can focus on his/her main activities.

Diamsens water quality sensor

Diamond-based sensor at affordable prices

Affordable pool sensor

Are the specific probes too expensive for your application?

The indirect estimates (from EC or ORP) are often falling short?

DIAMSENS offers sensor product lines suitable for a wide range of applications. It may seem paradoxical, but our diamond sensors are affordable enough to allow, for example, direct measurement of chlorine in private pools or nitrate in hydroponic greenhouse irrigation water. And in no way is this attractive price achieved by compromising on the sensor durability.

Simplified Use

Our multi-sensor modules provide the reliable values required  for each application directly in a digital format. A single cable connects the module to the main measurement station, regardless of the number or combination of sensors. We also offer software libraries to simplify the control of modules by the measurement station. This allows our equipment partners to focus on their core business (utilizing data based on the context) while forgetting the inherent complexity of electrochemical measurements.

Diamond water quality pool sensor
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