An seasoned team

DIAMSENS is led by three experienced and complementary leaders who have in-depth knowledge of start-up creation, technology transfers from major public research organizations, sensor technologies, as well as public and industrial players in the water sector. The team was formed at the end of 2021, and has been fully dedicated to the project since then.

Diamsens Team



Sales and Marketing director

After graduating as a microelectronics engineer, he first devoted himself to the development of integrated circuits using advanced materials (GaAs, SOI), before moving on to the definition and commercialization of new families of integrated circuits, particularly for the beginnings of the IoT.

After working for both large groups and two startups, he joined CEA-Leti to set up innovative projects with industrial companies, about the topic of sensors for health, the environment and agriculture, under the “one health” umbrella.  He was thus able to notice the repeated requests for more sustainable electrochemical sensors, and then to encourage the CEA’s experts to identify and associate the elements of answers that constitute the foundations of DIAMSENS.



He holds a Ph.D. in engineering from ENSCI and has a strong knowledge of the research profession oriented towards technology transfer, particularly in the field of materials and the environment.

He has held high-level responsibilities in the Technology Transfer Department of CEA and IRSTEA (now part of INRAE).

His activities at IRSTEA have also enabled him to acquire an in-depth knowledge of all the French players in the small and large water cycle: research laboratories, competitiveness clusters, industrials, Strategic Committee of the Water Sector.

He co-founded ETHERA, a company specializing in the measurement of air quality and the removal of its pollutants, which he led and chaired from 2010 to 2017.



Computer engineer specialized in Unix at the beginning, he has more than 30 years of experience in information systems design, digital electronics and wireless communications. He also has a long experience in team management in the industrial sector in fields such as home automation, connected objects, cloud, heavy and light applications as well as mobile applications.

As CTO of ETHERA, he was able to design, develop and qualify new optical sensors and industrialize connected indoor air quality analyzers. This technological proximity allows for high efficiency in the development of DIAMSENS sensors and measurement modules, with high performance and robustness targets.

Scientific committee

The scientific committee, whose first members came from the CEA, provides its expertise on the fundamental aspects of the development of the material and guides DIAMSENS’ choices to continuously improve the characteristics of the sensors and/or expand the list of possible measurements.


Nothing about electrochemistry is unknown to him. He is the one who, through the breadth of his knowledge, has been able to bring together disparate technological options to achieve the goal of sustainability at an affordable price.


He was one of the pioneers in mastering the manufacturing processes of boron-doped diamond, and then in demonstrating the performance of this material for the design of sensors. The principal author of the basic patent relating to the self-cleaning of fouled surfaces.

R&D Partners

logo du CEA


It was at the CEA that the initial ideas were able to mature, then proofs of concept were carried out, and finally that the startup project was encouraged and supported via the internal “Magellan” incubation program. The joint work continues, which gives us access to world-class expertise, manufacturing and characterization resources.

CARNOT Eau Environnement

Carnot "Eau et Environnement"

It is the academic reference for the development of water quality measurement solutions and its treatment. The researchers of the Carnot “Water and Environment” provide us with their vision of future needs and give us access to experimental resources on a real scalein real conditions.